~One Love Poms~


One Love Poms Moulin Rouge
Moulin is a striking Black Parti girl with a perfect centered blaze! She is a newer girl in our program that was bred by us. She weighs 6 lbs full grown. Her mom is, Abigail, our Orange Sable girl. Her sire is our amazing Chocolate Parti boy, Marley. We are extremely proud of how Moulin has matured. She has a sturdy bone structure and a compact body. She has an extremely thick double coat just like her sire.  Along with her stunning look she has a pedigree to match with an endless amount of champions and well known bloodlines. Pedigrees of all our poms are available upon request. Moulin is a happy go lucky girl and the first to come up and greet you. When she gets excited she stands on her back legs and puts her front paws together almost as if she's applauding! If Moulin's puppies look or act anything like their mama or grandparents, they will be spectacular!
One Love Poms Decadent Hazelnut Spread
Nutella is our STUNNING AKC registered chocolate and tan girl.  We searched for years for a chocolate and tan of this quality.  Nutella weighs just 5 lbs full grown.  Her quality is amazing. I honestly believe this girl is show quality like her brother (whom we own).  Nutella has lots of color and nice lines in her pedigree. Her mother is chocolate and her father is black and tan. Most of her siblings in her litter were chocolate and tan. Nutella's bloodlines include: CH. Lydon, CH. White Haven, CH. Marbil-Riehm, CH. Oregan, CH. Kitsan, Bi-Mars, lots of Weehearts, Beau james, Underwoods, and many many more! We are very excited to have Nutella apart of our breeding program. We hope to get some nice choc/tans from her in the near future! :) Thank you Lisa Wilson from Heart to Heart Poms for this sweetheart!
One Love Poms Frolicking In The Fields
This girl is Meadow! She was born here at One Love Poms. She is also out of Abigail (Orange Sable) and Marley (Chocolate Parti). Meadow is an Orange Sable Parti and weighs 5 lbs full grown. Meadow is one of our nicest females to date. She is extremely compact with a nice high tail set. She has a gorgeous round head and teddy bear face just like her daddy. Meadow has perfect almond eyes and tiny high set ears! Meadow has already shown us through her first litter that she produces absolutley phenomenal puppies. Meadow is Chocolate and "and Tan" factored. She has already had some of the beautiful Chocolate, Parti and Tri puppies I've ever seen!

One Love Poms Decadent Hazelnut Cupcake

Cupcake is an absolutely exceptional Chocolate female! She was bred by us and is from Nutella, our show quality Chocolate & Tan and Teddy our Black & tan Beau James male. Cupcake weighs 4 1/2 lbs full grown. Despite her small size she has a sturdy bone structure and is extremely cobby and compact.  Cupcake gets her thick coat from her mama and her beautiful extreme teddy bear face from her daddy. Cupcake has a very gentle and sweet personality. She has already out produced herself with her first litters!
One Love Poms Creme De Le Creme
Meet Dutchess! She is our 7 lb Cream girl. Dutchess came from a good friend of ours. She is from our bloodlines. Her grandmother was one of my very first Poms. Her grandfather was our Chocolate Parti male, Marley. Dutchess takes alot after her grandfather with her looks. As you can see she has an extreme teddy bear face that she ALWAYS passes on to her puppies. Thank you again Michelle Gullo for this gorgeous girl!
One Love Poms The Thunder Rolls

This is Storm. She is our 5 lb Black Tri Parti girl. Storm is littermates with our exotic Lavender Merle Parti male, Haze. She is very petite and compact. She has a gentle quiet demeanor and a gorgeous teddy bear face to match. This girl is also a triple carrier meaning she carries Chocolate, Blue, and Lavender. Like her brother, she is capable of produces all kinds of colors. In her litters she has already produced Lavender, Chocolate, and Tri color. Thank you again Nicole for allowing us to own Storm and her brother!

One Love Poms Happily Ever After
This is Story! She is a 5 lb Blue Merle w/ Tan Markings female. Story was also from a wonderful friend of ours. She is from our bloodlines as well. Her grandparents were some of our very first poms. Story is very short and compact! She has tiny high set ears. Her markings are very clear and bright. She has creamy tan markings that accent her coat beautifully. Story just had her very first litter and we really look forward to watching her little ones grow. If they look anything like their mama, we know they will be stunning. Thank you again Sarah Elam for allowing us to own this colorful sweetheart!
One Love Poms Raye Of Sunshine
Raya is a gorgeous Beaver Merle Parti with beautifully balanced markings. She is another one of the newer girls in our program and was bred by us.  Her mother is, Gabby, our now retired Sable Merle girl. That is how Raya carries the merle gene. Her dad is our little Black Parti Male, Linkin. Raya takes after her daddy with her small compact stature. She also has a huge coat just like him as well. Her current weight is 5 lbs. Raya is a gentle friendly girl that loves to give kisses. Raya has already shown us she can produce an array of colors including Chocolate Merle and Lavender Tri!
One Love Poms Sweet Georgia Peach
Peaches is our gorgeous Orange Parti female. She weighs 5 full grown.  Peaches is littermates sisters with Meadow. So she is also out of Abigail (Orange Sable) and Marley (Chocolate Parti). Peaches has a nice sturdy bone structure. She is very compact and has a high ear set. Peaches takes after her own mother with her nuturing abilities. She has proven to be such a wonderful mother to all her babies. She is a natural at heart. Peaches is a well behaved quiet girl with a very laid back personality. Her quality and tempermant shines through in her puppies! :)
One Love Poms Precious Gem
Abigail is our precious AKC Registered Red sable girl. She  weighs around 7 lbs full grown. Her father is Finch's Impressive Parti at Pomangels (Orange sable parti) and her mother is a gorgeous Orange sable. She is Grand Champion sired by BIS CH. Zanara Glen Iris Braveheart. Abigail has over 50 champions in her 5 generation pedigree. Bloodlines include:  CH. Finch's, CH. Weeheart, CH. Janesa's, CH. Great Elms, CH. Golden Aires, CH Chriscendo, CH. Starhaven's, CH. Sungold's, CH. Glen Iris and many many more. She has had several litters in an array of colors with our sire Marley. They never cease to amaze us with the phenomenal puppies they produce! Several pics of their past puppies can be viewed on our website! Thank you Jeannie from Angel Touch Poms for this stunning girl!
One Love Poms Chocolate Butterball
Butterball is our exotic Chocolate Merle female. Her striking markings makes her so unique. Butterball is one of our larger girls at 7 lbs, however, all her puppies so far have stayed in the 4-6 lbs range full grown. She has a sturdy frame, thick coat, and a perfect bite. Butterball is a fantastic mother and very protective of her babies during the first few weeks. When she doesn't have puppies she enjoys her treats and playing out in the yard. We are very happy to have Butterball apart of our program. 
One Love Poms Sweet Honey Sriracha

Sariah is a beautiful Beaver Merle Parti. She is another keep back from one of our previous litters. She weighs 6 lbs at maturity. Her mom is our now retired Sable Merle girl, Gabby. Her sire is our Chocolate Parti male, Marley. Sariah takes after her dad with her round dome shaped head and teddy bear face. Personality wise she is just like her mama. Very laid back and friendly. Sariah loves to cuddle up next to you and enjoys her belly rubs. She had her first litter this spring and has been a fantastic attentive mother. We are very proud of the quality of her offspring. :)