~One Love Poms~


                      Past Puppies!

Here is an  example of some puppies that we have produced here at One Love Poms. None of these puppies are for sale. They are already SOLD.

Kissy x Teddy

True Blue Merle w/tan Male

Chocolate Merle w/ tan Female

Chocolate & Tan Female

Kissy x Takeyo

Blue Merle w/tan Male & Chocolate Merle w/tan Female

Nestle x Marley

Chocolate Sable Parti Female

Kissy x Teddy

Chocolate Tri Female


Blue Merle Parti Female

 Chocolate Merle Female

Blue Merle Male

Chocolate Tri Female

Butterball x Marley

Beaver Sable Male

Rose x Linkin

Sable Merle Parti Male

Nestle x Teddy

Blue & Tan Female

Lyric x Takeyo

Tiny Chocolate & Tan Male

Tiny Black & Tan Female

London x Takeyo

Chocolate Merle Male

Beaver Male

Stella x Teddy

Black & Silver Male

GaGa x Teddy past litter

Blue Merle w/tan markings female


Blue/tan tri parti female (staying here at One Love Poms)

Black/silver male

Baby x Teddy

(GaGa Grandaughter)

Lavender and Tan Tri Female

Blue and Tan tri male

(GaGa Grandson)

Dreamer x Marley

Black and Tan tri female

GaGa x Teddy 

Black and tan male

Black and tan female

GaGa x Kylan's past litter

Wall-E- Blue Merle w/tan markings male

Wall-E (Renamed Jasper) at 10 months old (not in full coat yet)

Eve-A Blue Merle Parti w/tan markings

Eve-A 9 months old (not in full coat yet)

Abigail x Marley

Black Parti Male

Black Female

Black and Tan Female

GaGa x Kylan's past litter

Thumbelina- Black/tan tri

Ariella- Blue merle w/tan markings

Kyra- Blue/tan tri

Blue Drusy- Blue merle w/tan markings

Abigail x Marley

Orange sable parti male

Stella x Teddy

Black and Tan Female

Black and tan Male 

Abigail x Marley

Abbie- Orange Sable Parti Female

Abigail x Marley

Our Tiny Black Parti Female...A.K.A Tiny Tink

Abbie and Tiny Tink (renamed Cricket) All Grown up at 2 years old!

Updated pics of Abbie and Cricket at 4 years old!

Abigail x Marley

Orange sable female

Abigail x Marley

Red Sable Female

Rose x Takeyo

Chocolate/Tan Female

Harlow x Teddy

Wolf Sable Male

Abigail x Marley

Black Parti female

Angelina x Marley

Tiny Orange Sable Parti Female

Stella x Rogan

Cream Female

Stella x Teddy

Black Male


   Abigail x Marley

 Kitsyn- Black mismark female

Kitsyn all grown up!

Abbie x Marley 

Sadie- Black/tan tri female

"One Love Poms Jamyson on the Rocks"

GaGa x Kylan

Past Blue Merle w/tan markings Female

Jamyson Full Grown (shaved in lion cut)

Gabby x Takeyo Litter

Orange sable female

 Cream male

Orange sable male

   "Monroe" -NY

Gabby x Mickey

Past Orange sable parti merle Female

"Gia"- NY

Rose x Elliott

Past Chocolate/tan tri female





Monroe and Gia Full Grown :)

Stella x Rogan

Solid Black Male

"Jayden"- VA

Harlow x Kylan

Past TRUE Wolf Sable

"Kayden"- MD 

Harlow x Kylan

Past TRUE Wolf Sable


Dreamer x Teddy

Black/ tan male

"Isabella"- WV

Gabby x Mickey

Past Cream Merle

Bella all grown up!

"One Love Poms Diamond in the Skye"- MD

GaGa x Kylan

Past Blue/tan Female

"Decklin"- MD

Rose x Elliott

Past Chocolate parti male

Rose x Kylan

Cream/Wolf Sable Female

Harlow x Kylan

Past Sable Parti Female

Rosabella- VA

Rosabella pictured at 10 months old (not in full coat yet)

 "Glacier"- MD

GaGa x LT

Past Cream Male


Harlow x Rogan

Past orange sable female

Sadie (renamed Allie) all grown up!

Gabby x Marley litter

Blue Merle Male

Cream Female

Black Parti Female

"Bella"- MD

Rose x Kylan

Past Platinum Blue Merle female